Top Eleven 2020 Cash and Token Guide – Learn the Basic Methods

Facing a hard time to progress becoming a better manager in Top Eleven 2020? Well, Mobile titles usually have this issue to motivate you toward the purchase of virtual currencies. In case Token and Cash are causing the major issues, then you can consider several basic tips to progress faster and earn a higher amount with ease.

Easy Methods to Earn Cash

Top Eleven game developers are offering several easy methods to boost your earning by many times. Let’s have a look –

  • Selling Players – You are able to obtain players for a lower price in the early stage of the game, but when you are progressing at a quick rate, it is easy to sell players and earn some cash on the same. Keep on doing this method by purchasing cheap playing, enhancing their rank, and selling them will let you earn more.
  • Attracting Fans – Your club is sponsored by two TV channels, and if you get more, then you will keep on getting more fans. Make sure that you start spending some time to earn a higher amount of cash, which will help to progress at a faster rate.
  • Signing Lucrative Sponsorship Deals – Sponsors are providing a good amount of virtual currencies. You can keep on getting sponsors with progression if your rank is going down, then you will lose fans. In such cases, you have to try hard and get a better rank and clear many levels.
  • Extra methods – By connecting your account to social media portals and inviting friends to try out, this game will provide you free cash. Even, it can come in handy to earn a good number of tokens with ease. Even there is a giveaway from the developers on Facebook and Twitter, which will definitely come in handy to you.

These are some effective ways to earn cash in this game. It is the primary currency and plays an important role in progress at a faster rate. Keep on earning cash and spending wisely on upgrades, buying new players, and selling them make a flow of cash.

The Final Verdict

Apart from the mentioned methods, buying cash and token is a great alternative if you are not able to make progress. Or, you can keep patience to obtain some extra methods to gain extra bucks, which will definitely come in handy to become a better gamer with ease.

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