Top Eleven 2020 – How to Earn Token with Ease?

Top Eleven is a well-known sports game from Nordeus which is all about being the manager of a football club, and you are playing the role of choosing a player, creating a team, choosing the formation and so many important things which will make you one of the advanced gamers in this game. If you are new to Top eleven, then you can find that there are two virtual currencies that can help to get better players, making your own stadium and getting popular with ease.

If you are starting to play this game, then you should earn both the currencies, but you will learn that token plays an important role in significant upgrades. In case you are not able to upgrade, then you can consider going after the purchase of tokens. In case you don’t want to spend a single buck and become a better gamer, then you can consider the below-mentioned tips. These tips will help you save money and become a better gamer with ease. Let’s have a look –

  1. TV Rights

The straightforward option to earn a higher amount of token is to focus on TV rights. When you are a newbie and starting out, you can find that you have access to only two TV sponsors. One of them giving you free tokens on a daily basis, whereas the second one is giving you free token on logins. With the help of extra tokens, you are able to play games, and doing the same four days in a row will help to level up.

  1. Team League Victory

Once you have a great team, you are able to progress with ease and become a better gamer in a small period of time. You have to start by creating a team and winning in the league, which will give you extra earning of tokens to play new matches. From the login, you are easily obtaining four tokens, and the number of tokens increases when you are playing in the league. It is one of the easy and highly reliable option over the other methods for sure.

  1. New TV Rights

As you start getting better, you can get more TV rights, and they will keep on offering better TV rights. In a small period of time, you are able to progress at a faster rate. Make sure that you have some of the advanced players, and you need a stadium to keep on getting better. It might take some extra time; you will be able to progress with ease. Isn’t it one of the effective options. Getting new TV rights might take some extra time, but you can easily avail it after getting better.

The Final Verdict

Tokens are surely the most important thing in this game, and if you want to keep on earning more, then you can consider watching an advertisement or prefer giveaway to take the best opportunity and never wasting a single buck on the in-game purchases.

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